Friday, January 15, 2016

Calm and Quite 14 Jan 2016

Another year has passed, 
Another birthday has come.
Happy birthday to me!

This year might be the most calm and quite birthday I have ever had.  That's not a miserable statement.  I do enjoyed my quite time today.  I stayed at home the whole day because there's no class today, and the weather is getting colder, and I feel broke and tired after the full 2-weeks Christmas trip.  In addition, I changed the birthday info display in fb from public to only me a while ago.  So my fb page was as quite as my day today.  

Well, when you gets older you realised that birthday does not have to be that merry and loud.  One me-day would not harm you.

My birthday started a little bit early, 14 Jan Indonesia time.  I had two lovely calls from my bf and parents.  Precious.  And when I woke up in the morning, I received some text messages from closest friends and relatives.  Without facebook help, you reveal people who really remember you.  I personally found this very hard.  I am not someone who remember/note everyone's birthday.  And I don't wish everyone on fb.  But today shows that it feels good to receive a birthday wish from your friend. I'll try to do this better.

 I went to nearby winkelcentrum and gave myself an H&M cardigan on double sale.  The price was unbelievable, I won't let the world know here :P but it can beat ITC kuningan price. :))

During my spare time at night I remember this page and have a look at the past posts.  I am glad I've written those moments.  I barely remember all those beautiful moments and tremendous blessing in my whole life.  I am glad I can close the day thankfully.

And for this year, I would list not-so-many personal wishes
1. have a master degree with distinction
2. be a good friend for others
3. stay close with You
4. and meet up with my family and bf

Thank You God for the new age, new year. I love You.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A glimpse of Love from MB Family

Amazing three years I would say.

I am truly blessed for the opportunity to grow, to be molded and sharpen, to develop not just career wise, but also personally.  To work very closely with brightest smartest people.  Thank you for those who coloured my days in the past three years, that made working life so fun and exciting. 

After a year abandoning this page, I would make use of it, to record the sweetest memory, warmest love from these special people.  Thank you for making my last day so sweet and memorable.  And below are some of it...

"Easy to say hello to you, but really hard to say goodbye...  You've been a great, warm, and patient colleague.  Wish you success for your journey ahead!"

"thanks for the knowledge sharing session, keep in touch"

"It has been fantastic getting to know you and to work closely with you.  Your hard work, warm smile,and sense of humour will be missed.  But I'm sure you have lots of success &happiness ahead in your new adventure"

"Gue sedih banget lo pergi.. Kantor (dan SMPAK) ga akan sama lagi tanpa lo.. Tapi gue yakin you'll rock that master's degree..."

"Happy to see you finally achieved your dream.  Thank you for everything Mik.  My first friend in MB and I consider as a mentor.  Fly high! and keep in touch..

"I know even after you go we'll meet again in the future. We'll still be good friends. But things will be different. We won't experience many the things we experience together in office anymore. Our lives will branch.

So I'll say this now.

When you leave you take a part of us with you. I know you go to chase big dreams, but in an ideal world we won't part. We'll still gossip for 2 hours at lunchtime, scream loudly to each other in work hours, offend everyone, and try new hip restaurants when they open (and regretting it when the bill comes).

And we may not talk to each other all the time, or sit next to each other at work, and some days we don't even talk if we don't need to. But there is warmth in knowing that you are there, within physical reach. So when you go, things will be different.

You are each a good friend not because we happen to work in the same place. But because I feel profound comfort and affection that is almost irreplaceable from your company. "
can't be more thankful to have these guys as my best friends.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sabtu Bersama Bapak

Saya tidak biasanya mereview sesuatu, namun kali ini ijinkan saya menulis tentang novel yang baru saya baca.  Saya masih jauh dari gemar membaca, tetapi novel ini berhasil mengajak saya larut dalam cerita dan pesan-pesannya.

Sabtu Bersama BapakSabtu Bersama Bapak, karangan Adhitya Mulya bukan sekedar fiksi tentang kehidupan sehari-hari, melainkan novel yang mengandung banyak pesan hidup, pesan menjadi pribadi yang matang, pesan bagaimana membangun keluarga.  Menarik bagaimana buku penuh pesan ini tetap dikemas dengan ringan dan jenaka di bagian-bagian tertentu.  Tulisan saya ini hanya bermaksud merekam beberapa bagian favorit saya, untuk dapat dibaca ulang ketika sewaktu-waktu membuka catatan harian ini.

And these are my favourites...

"Membangun hubungan itu butuh dua orang yang solid.  Yang sama-sama kuat.  Bukan yang saling ngisi kelemahan, Yu.  Karena untuk menjadi kuat, adalah tanggung jawab masing-masing orang.  Bukan tanggung jawab orang lain."

"Ketika orang dewasa mendapat atasan yang buruk, mereka akan selalu punya pilihan untuk cari kerja lain.  Atau yang paling buruk, resign dan menganggur.  Intinya selalu ada pilihan untuk tidak berurusan dengan orang yang buruk.
Anak? Mereka tidak pernah minta dilahirkan oleh orang tua yang buruk.  Dan ketika mereka mendapat orang tua yang pemarah, mereka tidak dapat menggantinya."

"Sebentar lagi kalian akan menikah.  Akan menjadi kepala dari sebuah keluarga.  Suami dari seorang istri.  Dan bapak dari seorang anak.  Tugas Bapak membimbing kalian, selesai di sini.
Tugas kalian sekarang membimbing keluarga kecil kalian.  Selalu ingatkan pada diri kalian, untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi mereka.  Karena kehadiran mereka adalah hal terbaik yang dapat terjadi pada kalian.  Sebagaimana kehadiran Mamah dan kalian menjadi hal terbaik dalam hidup Bapak.  Terima kasih untuk itu.  Terima kasih sudah membahagiakan Bapak." 

Selesai saya membaca buku ini, saya langsung share kepada pacar saya E yang berhasil saya bujuk untuk baca.  Lalu kepada Papa saya, dan surprisingly Mama juga ikut membaca buku ini sampai selesai (p.s. she rarely reads book).  Saya benar-benar ingin orang-orang di sekitar saya juga mendapat sesuatu dari buku ini.  
Akhir kata, Bravo Sabtu Bersama Bapak! Terima kasih untuk cerita segar dan pesan-pesan hidup nya.